WontonMama in the Byward Market

Patio season is upon us! These sunny afternoons, long balmy evenings, and cool night breezes are the perfect excuse for leaving work early or staying up late on the Market's trendy street side hotspots. Though these trendy bistros and pubs have always been popular, affordable food in the market used to be blah at best. Lately though, the state of food in the city's hottest quarter is taking a turn for the delicious: there's no shortage of tasty and original culinary opportunities these days - the new challenge is getting the most bang for your buck.

Situated on the north side of Clarence, across from the ever popular Cornerstone, WontonMama is a relative newcomer to the Market's densest food strip. Though their website doesn't capitalize on it, the small restaurant is warmly decorated and the atmosphere is nothing short of cozy elegance. The staff is attentive and very polite. Briefly put, it's the kind of space you'd feel comfortable lounging in, sipping your white sangria for a few hours, and chatting with your girlfriends. All this is great of course, but is nothing without delicious, well-priced food, and luckily, WontonMama has got that too! A hidden GEM in the sushi department, and a real contender in the world of urban pad thai, this little restaurant punches above its cost-class in a serious and awesome way. At our table of six, not a single girl was disappointed with her meal, or her bill. Wontonmama offers great summer specials that we couldn't resist: 20$ pitchers of sangria (we had the white...very yummy and chock full of mangoes), 12$ for 3 appetizers (we sampled the very shareable edamame, spring rolls, and shrimp dumplings...those last ones were  a little messier to share so just get your own!) and of 15$ for 3 main-meal-quality sushi rolls. I took advantage of this last special to make up my meal, and man, was it good. Wontonmama proves that good, fresh sushi can be savored in a great atmosphere for an extremely reasonable price: my final bill (sangria (we had 2 L in the end), sushi, and 1/5th of the 3 apps (more than enough)) came to 28$.

So, if you like all of the above things as much as I do, get your butt on down to 109 Clarence street, or call (613) 241-0990 to make a reservation. Enjoy!
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