Restaurant Review: Big Easy's Seafood and Steak House

Last night, two of my close girlfriends and I (let’s call them Nads and Annie) had our monthly girls-night-out. While we usually prefer a low key get together with a nice bottle of wine and take-out Chinese food, we decided to jazz it up a little. With Nads having recently travelled to New Orleans, it was only fitting that we try out Southern delicacies at Big Easy’s Seafood and Steakhouse on Preston, a place none of us had ever tried.

While the façade of the building looks like it’s a very fancy restaurant, the welcoming statue of the dancing jazz man gives you a good idea of the atmosphere that awaits you inside.

We quickly became acquainted with our friendly waiter and the service was impeccable. He accommodated our orders without complaint and welcomed suggestions and comments. He definitely made the place a little more welcoming than originally expected.

Once it was time to order, the girls and I shared what probably was the best crab cake we’ve ever had in our lives ($14). We then picked dishes from their specialties selection, with prices ranging from $21 to $40.

Nads was a little sceptic as it’s usually quite rare to be able to re-create dishes tasted while travelling. Nonetheless, she was very pleased with her Blackened Chicken Breast ($24), accompanied by vegetables and sweet potato purée. While the chicken was slightly overcooked, the spices gave it a very distinct taste, which can only be found in New Orleans.

We had no idea what to expect with Annie’s Shrimp and Crawfish Étouffé ($21). A mix between a stew and a purée, her étouffé was very delicious. So delicious in fact that Nads could not resist having more than one bite!

Finally, my Jambalaya Linguine (using linguine instead of the traditional rice, with shrimp, chicken, smoked sausage and Creole sauce) ($22) was absolutely fantastic. I’m not usually a big fan of spicy food, but it is a staple of the South so I had to yield. Luckily for me, they make their sauces from scratch, so they were able to adjust the spiciness, enough for me to devour my plate!

Note that Nads vouched for the authenticity of all our dishes!

With such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, the restaurant suits a fun night out with friends. The jazz music playing in the background and the various photographs of New Orleans’ restaurants surely give you a glimpse of the South without having to dish out on the plane ticket. While their prices are not on the cheap side, I would definitely recommend it for those who are looking for a new culinary experience.

I would also highly recommend it for those who’ve had a bad experience with Southern food (as I have in the past). It will definitely change your mind!

Big Easy’s is located at 228 Preston Street, Ottawa. You can make a reservation at 613-565-3279 or online at

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