A Surprisingly Delicious Vermouth Cocktail


Well the holidays have passed us by at last, and I hope yours were super. Mine sure were. The holidays do have a way of tapping out my liquor cabinet (okay...the "desk" that is covered with a "bar" instead of my "work"...whatever) though, leaving my household with strange remnants to mix together in time for our Californication marathons (when you REALLY need a stiff drink). Here's a fun little cocktail I concocted on one such evening with minimal ingredients (read: liquor leftovers...this is probably the first installment in a series of cocktail versions of what to do with the weird food left in your fridge), just in time for Duchovny!

  •  Fill a Tom Collins (or in my case, wine) glass (cause I'm a class act) with ice. (Admittedly, my ice to liquor ratio is a little indulgent in the photograph...it's pretty potent flavorwise  though - especially if you have any hesitation about consuming vermouth as a base liquor...I sure don't ;) - so I think you'll appreciate the  extra ice)
  • Add one part sweet vermouth to 1.5 parts Triple Sec 
  • Fill the glass with Club Soda and a good squirt of lemon juice

Believe it or not, this tastes kind of like Coke, but warms the belly like nobody's business. 

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